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We are a network of independent
trusted business advisors.

We help you navigate the sea of transition
and unfold What's Next?

This team will assist you in planning,
considering all stakeholders.

We align with you to a cause, and
complete a sustainable transition of
your business with freedom and ease.
Unpack your legacy here.

 Our commitment is causing  business owners to create, in writing, and update annually, their ideal transition plan!

Every Business Owner Exits at Some Point – Are You Ready?

  • An estimated 8 million business owners will exit their business over the next 15 years. With this increase in business inventory for sale, the need for Trusted Advisors will increase dramatically!
  • 78% of Baby Boomer Business Owners do not have plans for how they will exit their business
  • 50% of a business owner’s wealth is typically tied up in their business

Every Business Owner Has Dreams and Aspirations for Their Next Phase of Life – What Are Yours?

  • Are you looking to leave your company but not quite ready to “retire?”
  • Are you planning to move on to other business ventures or to reinvent yourself?
  • Not sure?

Why Planning is Important and How Do You Craft Your Ideal Plan to Continue Your Business Legacy?

  • Trusted Advisors play a meaningful part in the orderly Plan Formation, Transition, and subsequent Managemen t of the succession process
  • Business owners wanting to exit their businesses during the next 15 years face increased competition for quality buyers. The increase in the supply of available businesses and the relatively fixed number of qualified buyers limit an owner's exit options.
  • The only effective way to deal with these facts is to develop a Strategic Exit Plan, with Trusted Advisors by your side; ensuring that you build value and seize opportunities as they present themselves.

Where Do I Begin?

Get started today on your Business Transition Plan or review the one you currently have in place to confirm that you are on the right path to a smooth transfer of your company and the start of your next adventure. We’ll help you create, update and maintain a plan that meets your needs for today and tomorrow.

Start by taking our FREE, comprehensive, Strengths and Weaknesses Barometer Assessment. Your results will showcase each of the areas that are in need of improvement. Whether it is in one or more of the following areas: Financial, Environment, Education and Culture, Sales and Marketing, Operations, or Human Resources, you will be able to quickly link to a Trusted Advisor in your area, who can help in the area(s) you fall short.

 Create Your Plan…Begin Taking Action Now!

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